Welcome to the Brooklyn Learning Studio!
Dedicated to the development and practice of the art of learning.

The Tutoring Process

Kids come to tutoring for a variety of individualized reasons. The first step in the tutoring journey is the ASSESSMENT. The tutor meets with the parents and the student to determine what the issues and goals are for this particular child. If appropriate, the tutor may also connect with the child’s classroom teacher to begin a dialogue about the student. The next step is MAKING A PLAN. This is the part of the initial process where we set goals. Every child and circumstance is different, and my work is to figure out how to work specifically with your child.

Some tutoring relationships have concrete goals with discrete time frames, such as preparing for an upcoming test, or working on essays for high school or college applications. Other students need a more sustained educational partnership in order to work toward more comprehensive and complex learning goals. I make regular, periodic evaluations in my work with every student, to determine how the plan is working. Adjustments are made as needs arise and shift. The process is organic: a living relationship between teacher, student and family.

With each family, we find the most comfortable and effective mode of communicating about your child and our work together.

Individual tutoring allows me to meet each and every student exactly where his or her needs are. This is a highly individualized process which takes time to settle and develop, and can illicit tremendously powerful results. It also is a relationship that is based on mutual trust and a certain chemistry that is not always there.

When a child comes to me for tutoring and we quickly discover that we are not a match, I will not hesitate to refer you and your child to a highly qualified colleague with whom I feel a more suitable, fruitful match can be made.

The Brooklyn Learning Studio is located in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn, steps away from the Seventh Avenue F stop. However, coming to the Studio is not convenient for everyone, so the Studio can also come to you. As the Beatles say: “We can work it out” when we discuss your particular situation.