About Me

My name is Rembert Block. I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I moved to New York in 1999 as an aspiring artist and musician. I became a teacher to explore the art of learning.

I am a New York State professionally certified English Language Arts teacher. I spent 7 years working in a seventh grade classroom in Park Slope.

Before working in middle school, I taught Composition and Literature course at Touro College in Manhattan. Touro is an institution that welcomes students who, for any number of reasons, are re-entering the academic stream. I found that the students in my Touro classes came with rich (yes, sometimes painful) life experiences, and a hunger to learn, even if it was very challenging.

I recently left classroom teaching in order to be able to concentrate on the specific needs of individual students. In my experience, often the best learning takes place in the small container of a unique, nurturing teacher-student relationship. Coming to this understanding led me to open the Brooklyn Learning Studio. It is my intention that the work we do in the Studio together will enrich each student’s classroom learning experience.

My approach to individualized education is one of partnership with the student and family, and integration of learning modes in service of the development of the whole person. Thinking, feeling, sensory experience, physicality, intuition...all of these ways of experiencing the world can come together and allow us to have a full, meaningful understanding of our lives, as well as success in school. That’s what education is all about.

In addition to being a teacher, I am also (still) a creative artist. I am a writer, currently working on my first novel. I am also a vocalist; I perform around the city as a solo cabaret artist, and with my cabaret trio, Impending Bloom. I also sing with the power pop band Bubble. If you are curious, and would like to be notified of future happenings, I would be happy to add you to my mailing list. Just let me know!

How I Got Here...a partial memoir-timeline

  • Dallas, TX
    • childhood love of reading and writing (and singing)
  • Middletown, CT
    • Wesleyan University--English Literature BA
    • plan to go to law school and become a child advocacy lawyer
  • Chicago, IL
    • work for child advocacy lawyers at Legal Defense
    • take writing classes at Northwestern University at night
    • decide to go to graduate school for writing instead of law
  • Boulder, CO
    • Naropa University--MFA Writing and Poetics
    • ”Buddhist-inspired” university
    • learn to meditate
    • begin to understand how mind works, how learning happens
    • creative process: writing, performing, studying
    • JOY!
  • Austin, TX
    • Buddhism and art
      • work for meditation center and theater company
    • writing, music, theater, singing
    • regular sitting meditation practice and meditation retreats
    • dharma study with many teachers who come to our center
    • ALIVE!
  • New York, NY
    • study theater at NYU and SITI Company
    • write and perform music with my band ARTMICE
    • train and perform classical vocal music
    • become a certified yoga instructor and teach yoga
    • work with volunteer organization Art Start, making art with homeless children in shelters around the city
    • teach writing and literature at Touro College
      • fall in love with the art of teaching and decide to teach younger people
    • NYU English Education Masters Degree
  • Brooklyn, NY
    • teach 7th grade English Language Art at MS 51
    • return to singing, performing, writing
      • open the Brooklyn Learning Studio!